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An Interview with Deep Cleaning Specialists Zapata’s Cleaning Services

March 9, 2022

I had the privilege of conducting a virtual interview with Zapata’s Cleaning Services. In truth, it was more of a chat than an interview with the Zapata’s family, Sonny, Ynez, and Kellsie Zapata. Zapata’s Cleaning Services specialize in deep cleaning services. Before I get to our conversation, I’d like to talk about deep cleaning services.

A deep cleaning service does much more than a regular cleaning service. A regular service might sweep, mop, dust, and wipe down surfaces. Deep cleaning includes cleaning soap scum from shower doors and scale from the showerheads, taps, and tiles—cleaning oven doors, washing interior windows, and removing grease and food stains from the kitchen. Even moving and cleaning behind appliances. Looking at this shortlist of deep cleaning services, it’s easy to see where Bar Keepers Friend fits in.

Zapata’s Cleaning Services opened in Thomasville, Georgia, 11 years ago. They found Bar Keepers Friend three years ago when a client introduced them to BKF products. Sonny told me that at least half of their clients have BKF products under their sinks. He also said that many clients didn’t realize some other cleaning products contain bleach that can damage many surfaces.

The Interview with Deep Cleaning Specialists Zapata’s Cleaning Services

Randy: What BKF products do you use?

We use all of them. Every day we fill 12 to 14 caddies for our 25 employees with BKF. We use the Powder CleanserSoft CleanserStainless Steel Cleanser & Polish, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, and all the rest. We use them for both residential and commercial. MORE Spray & Foam is probably our most used product. We use it on shower doors and other tough-to-clean surfaces. The Bar Keepers Friend products give us the best results of any cleaner we’ve ever used. People don’t realize how many products Bar Keepers Friend has and how good they all are.

Randy: What Services does BKF provide you? 

They do so much for us. From the very beginning, the Bar Keepers Friend staff have gone above and beyond and fulfilled everything they said they’d do. We give them an A ++++. We used to go to Lowe’s and buy all the Bar Keepers Friend they had. We’d buy three cases and still worry about running out. 

Christina said she’d send us a few pallets of product for our first delivery. A week and ½ later, an 18-wheeler pulled up and started unloading pallets of Bar Keepers friend! They even sent stickers! We couldn’t believe it, an 18-wheeler of Bar Keepers Friend!

Randy: What’s it like working with the BKF staff? 

It’s like working with friends. BKF really understands what it’s like running a business with multiple employees who depend on you to give them the supplies they need. Everyone has been great. Christina, Casey, Alex, and Felicia have all been wonderful to work with. Ever since Christina and Alex told us about Bar Keepers Friends main ingredient, Oxalic acid, we’ve been an advocate telling our clients how good it is and how safe it is for their surfaces and that it’s environmentally friendly.

Randy: Tell me about Zapata’s Cleaning Services  

Zapata’s began 11 years ago with the boss (that would be mom) and three employees. From the beginning, she taught us the right way to deep clean. We founded the business on always giving our best. Our vision has always been about doing it the right way. We train all of our people. It’s funny, we can ask someone if they know how to clean a toilet and they say yes. However, we ask them to show us they usually don’t know the best way, so we show them how, which they appreciate. We believe in leading by example and having fun. Much of our work isn’t pleasant, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t do our jobs with a smile on our faces. Knowing we’re taking care of our clients makes us feel good.

Thank You, Zapata’s Family!   

I’d like to personally thank the Zapata family for their time. It was a pleasure. They’re kind of family we’d all like to have as a neighbor. From Bar Keepers Friend, we’d like to say thank you, and that taking care of our clients makes us feel good too.    




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