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Your New Back to School Morning Routine

August 4, 2021

It’s back-to-school season for most of the U.S. and time for a new morning routine. For many of you with school-age children, this is new routine might seem a little “old school.”

With the 2020 school year being mostly virtual, an entirely new set of routines came about for families. For 2021, however, kids are hopping back on the school bus.

It’s time to scramble in the mornings again – to help your first grader Jacob find his socks, braid fifth-grader Emma’s hair, and of course, shake your head at your middle schooler Mason because has “absolutely no idea where he left his backpack.”

Your New Back to School Morning Routine

It’s not only getting your team packed and ready on time for the bus. It’s keeping everything in order, and that’s where BKF comes in to help!

Let’s start with the most crucial ingredient of a successful back-to-school morning routine – coffee! Obviously, not for the kids – but for you! I don’t know how I’d make it through a hectic morning without my cup of joe! (A splash of sugar-free French vanilla creamer, a teaspoon of Splenda, and ½ cafe mix).

With back to school, a clean coffee maker is more important than ever. In fact, it’s downright essential.

Coffee pots build up minerals and tannins that sour the taste of coffee, making a bitter brew.

How to Use BKF Coffee Maker Cleaner

Pro Tip: If you pot has significant mineral build up it’s best to use Bar Keepers Friend Coffee Maker Descaler before using the cleaner.

  1. Fill the coffee maker’s reservoir with cold water. Add one ounce of Bar Keepers Friend Coffee Maker Cleaner for every eight ounces of COLD water.
  2. Take out any disposable filters or coffee pods from the coffee maker.
  3. Put the empty carafe or cup under the coffee discharge.
  4. Start the brew cycle and repeat until the reservoir is empty. For coffee makers with a clean cycle, initiate the clean cycle and allow the cycle to run completely.
  5. Let the cleaning solution sit in the carafe for 30 minutes.
  6. Empty the used Coffee Maker Cleaner from the carafe or cup and clean the carafe or cup thoroughly.
  7. Fill the coffee maker reservoir with clean, cold water, and run another brewing cycle.
  8. Dispose of used rinse water and clean carafe or cup again.

How to Clean Your Thermos or Travel Mug with BKF

Do you and the kids have a travel mug or thermos? You know how they start getting brown inside. Here’s a simple method to clean your thermos.

  1. Add one ounce Bar Keepers Friend Coffee Maker Cleaner for every eight ounces of HOT water needed to fill your thermos or travel mug.
  2. Allow the cleaning solution to soak in the thermos or travel mug for 30 minutes.
  3. Discard the used Coffee Maker Cleaner and clean the thermos or travel mug thoroughly.

And, did you know that you can use BKF Coffee Maker Cleaner to clean a Keurig as well? You can!

Keeping the Kitchen Clean for Back to School

The kitchen is the center of the back-to-school routine. I don’t know about you, but I can’t operate in a messy kitchen. Every morning I put on the coffee, feed the cats, and then tidy up the kitchen. We don’t have school-age children, so we’re not caught up in the madhouse of the new back-to-school routine, but we remember.

BKF products are our front line for a shiny kitchen. We use Stainless Steel Cleanser & Polish on our stainless-steel appliances. Many manufacturers, including GE Appliances, recommend Bar Keepers Friend for cleaning their products. We also use it on stainless-steel pots and pans.

We use BKF MORE Spray + Foam on our refrigerator inside and out. If you’d like to learn more, read this. How to Clean the Inside of Your Refrigerator with Bar Keepers Friend 

We’ve cleaned kitchen granite countertops, glass cooktops, tea kettles, and scorched pans with BKF products. Quick Kitchen Clean up with BKF 

Yes, It’s Back to School 2021, The Old School Way 

Your kids and teens are heading back to school now – so it’s safe to assume that things at home are a tad chaotic. While little Johnny yells, “Where are my sneakers?” and little Sarah casually informs you, “Oh yeah! I have a project due tomorrow morning I haven’t started on,” you’re just trying to keep things organized and get everyone out the door in one piece. Bar Keepers Friend is old school for back to school and can help make your job a little easier.

About the Author

Randy Clark is a speaker, coach, and author. He publishes a weekly blog at Randy Clark Randy is passionate about social media, leadership development, and flower gardening. He’s a beer geek, and on weekends (after COVID-19), he can be found fronting the Rock & Roll band Under the Radar. He’s the proud father of two educators; he has four amazing grandchildren and a wife who dedicates her time to helping others. Randy is the author of the Amazon bestseller The New Manager’s Workbook, a crash course in effective management.



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