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How to Find Bar Keepers Friend

May 26, 2021

It’s a comment that crosses every BKF fan’s mind from time to time: I don’t know where to buy Bar Keepers Friend.

Finding Bar Keepers Friend in the United States and Canada is fast and easy. Let’s say that your local big box store is out of Bar Keepers Friend Soft Liquid Cleanser. You were counting on it to clean the glass shower doors before your in-laws visited next week.

Nothing removes soap scum, rust stains, tarnish, and mineral deposits like BKF Soft Cleanser. Don’t know where to buy bar keepers friend? Not to worry! Your shower doors will have a chance to sparkle for your Mother-in-law. All you have to do is use our store locator!

How to Find Bar Keepers Friend Using Our Store Locator 

Wanna know where to buy Bar Keepers Friend? I’ll walk you through how to use the BKF store locator. I’m not always the quickest to learn how to do new things on the internet. So, it took me a couple of tries to get the hang of the store locator. Hopefully, with what I’m going to share, you’ll walk through the process smoothly as silk. How to find Bar Keepers Friend doesn’t have to be a challenge.

  1. Go to the Bar Keepers Friend Website

Click on or google Bar Keepers Friend.

  1. At the top of the home page, you’ll find this.

where to buy bar keepers friend - front page


  1. Click on “Where to Buy.” You’ll see North America Store Locator and International Distributors. If you reside in North America, click that. (More on International Distributors in a minute.)


  1. Next, scroll down until you see this and put in your five-number zip code.

where to buy bar keepers friend - find near you

  1. Below the zip code, you’ll find 18 of the most popular BKF products. Click on the product(s) you’re looking for. Next, scroll back up to your zip code. Next to the zip code, you’ll find the search button. You’re ready to click the search into action.

where to buy bar keepers friend - soft cleanser

  1. A listing of retailers closest to you, which have the product you searched for, will pop up with the store, address, distance, and even directions.

where to buy bar keepers friend - dollar general listingswhere to buy bar keepers friend - dollar general location


That’s all there is to it. As I said, it’s both fast and easy. But what if you don’t live in North America?

How to Find Bar Keepers Friend Internationally 

Last week we shared a post on finding cleaning tips on Reddit.  I learned that people worldwide were asking how to find Bar Keepers Friend products. The world has become a smaller place. More and more, we’re all interconnected. People search online for answers to their problems. When they find solutions, they don’t want to hear “Not Available” in their corner of the world.

BKF products have made and earned a reputation for getting the job done when all else has failed. So, how can you find BKF if you live in Europe, Asia, or South America? Here’s the good news – a list of Distributors. Bar Keepers Friend products are sold around the world.

Whether you live in North America or internationally, Bar Keepers Friend wants to help you solve problems with our products. And if finding our products near you is a problem, we want to help you solve that dilemma as well. If we can answer any questions, Contact Us, we’d be happy to help any way we can.

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