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In the Kitchen

Make kitchen items and surfaces shine with the best kitchen cleaner around.

Download our easy-to-follow guide on how to clean outdoor grills.

The Best Way to Clean Appliances, Cooktops, Counters, and More!

We formulated Bar Keepers Friend uniquely to tackle the burned-on stains, mess, and grime that build up in any kitchen. Our cooktop cleaner easily restores glossy induction surfaces, and does double duty on other tough cleaning problems from sinks to cookware to countertops. Bar Keepers Friend even removes food buildup and knife marks from porcelain, ceramic, glass dishes, and serving ware. From floor to ceiling, Bar Keepers Friend leaves your kitchen shining. You’ll quickly learn why we’re the best kitchen cleaner!

Need to knock a few items off your kitchen cleaning checklist? The BKF blog has lots of helpful advice for keeping your kitchen remarkably fresh and clean. Below you’ll find our most popular kitchen cleaning blogs. Check them out here and let us know what you think:


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