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In the Garage

Choose the Toughest Grime, Muck, and Rust Remover

You work hard. You play hard. Let Bar Keepers Friend take over the hard work of cleaning up. Tackle rust, stains, oily residue, and dirt to get your garage in top shape—fast. Use Bar Keepers Friend on cars, bikes, and boats, grills and cookout accessories, tools, and sporting equipment. Clean up after a camping trip, shine up those golf clubs, and get your athletic shoes road ready with Bar Keepers Friend.

Are Cloudy Headlights Leaving You in the Dark?

Bark Keepers Friend Headlight Cleaning Guide

Cloudy headlights? Bar Keepers Friend will have you seeing clearly again.

Download our guide:
How to Clean Filmy Headlights

Then, share your success story on our BKF Before & After page.

Bar Keepers Friend in the Garage

Bar Keepers Friend Is Not Just for Bathrooms and Kitchens

Barkeepers Friend cleaning products can also be used:

Before and After

Cleaning and restoring old tools can be a real challenge. An incredible rust remover and shine restorer, Bar Keepers Friend makes your tools look as good as new.

  • “Bar Keepers Friend is extremely popular among musicians, especially drummers. It is excellent at removing stains, fingerprints and stick marks from cymbals”
  • My mother always told me to use Bar Keepers Friend to keep my stainless steel pots clean, and she was right. I finally tried it and was so surprised it worked great. Thank you so much
  • Thanks for making a product that actually cleans my sink and pots and pans without tons of elbow grease. I use Bar Keepers Friend for all kinds of clean up around the house. Thanks for making a superior product!
  • This is my favorite kitchen cleaning product! Saves so much time and effort when cleaning baked-on and stained items. You have a customer for life! Thanks