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Using BKF in the Barn  

March 3, 2021

I grew up in Indianapolis, but my family has farmland and forest in Greencastle, IN. My great-grandpa had every animal under the sun. So, my grandpa grew up knowing how to care for just about every farm animal. He taught me how to ride horses, how to care for them, and the importance of keeping the barn clean. Thankfully, I know a lot about using BKF in the barn.

When I got older, I volunteered at barns, taking care of horses, donkeys, ponies, chickens, goats, and sometimes sheep! I also followed my grandpa’s example and worked at keeping the barns and everything in them clean.

Red Barn in winter
Using BKF in the barn.

Seven Acres, Three Horses, and a Barn

I’ve worked at several barns with cattle, sheep, and horses. I currently live on seven acres and have three horses myself. While some have old-school wooden barns, mine is a red metal sliding door barn. My uncle built three stalls for the horses and we use metal gates as stall doors. As far as things you can clean in the barn with Bar Keepers Friend, the list is endless. As I said, I know a lot about using BKF in the barn.

Using BKF in the Barn  


Stalls for farm animals are usually metal or wood paneling. Although BKF doesn’t recommend cleaning wood with our products, I do use BKF to clean my wooden stalls. I want to caution you that if you’re thinking about using BKF on wood, please test it first.

Pro Tip: I only clean when my horses are outside and away from me. Animals should never be exposed to cleaning products. Our products, and all cleaners, should be kept out of reach of the animals.

Stalls generally have buckets hooked on the walls for water, and sometimes they have a metal or plastic feeder. Water buckets of all kinds get sludgy. I clean mine with BKF, as do many BKF fans like our customer Peg C. who works at a racing barn. She uses BKF to clean the barn’s buckets (yellow bucket pictured here).

Water Troughs

Some people dig out ponds to water their cattle, but people with horses don’t because the horses might get stuck in the mud. My horses are watered with troughs that are a rubbery plastic, but many are metal or aluminum. BKF Powder Cleanser can keep them looking brand new and make it easier for your animals to continually have fresh water. Using BKF in the barn is limited to inside the barn.

Well Heads

Barn water generally comes from a well, which means the well water makes buckets and troughs gross from time to time. Wellheads can also get rusty – I’ve cleaned mine with BKF.

Pro Tip: When cleaning well heads be extra careful not to get any product in the nozzle and be sure to rinse thoroughly before watering your animals.


Cleaning gates has never been easier!

I use BKF to clean my metal gates, whether inside the barn or out. The gates get rusty in the wet months, and then when winter comes, everything turns to mud. Animals drag the mud inside the barn, and the gates get dusty and dirty. Not to mention everything tends to have manure on it.

Gates outside the pastures or fields get rusty all the time as well. Rusty gate latches are not safe, for obvious reasons. I haven’t cleaned mine recently because they are literally frozen and can’t be opened, but when it thaws, I’ll bring out the BKF!

Barn Doors 

I have metal barn doors, and they do get rusty. Once again, I count on BKF to remove the rust and make my life easier when we open the doors again come Spring time.

Farm Tools 

As far as tools go, there are millions of things farmers keep in their barns, including hand and power tools, gardening tools, and fencing tools, as well as equipment such as a manure spreader or composter.

Farmers can be particular about their equipment but keeping it clean is a constant battle. They collect dust and dirt like nothing else. BKF can make an impact. I know some farmers even use BKF to remove rust from their tractors!

Animal Equipment

BKF is great for the accents on your saddle too!

Keeping animal equipment clean, like tack (saddles, bridles, halters) and grooming tools, is a constant task. Horses, and any animal travelling to shows, have an extensive grooming regimen. Rusty grooming tools are a big no.

Saddles have metal accents, which include buckles and trim. These are often “Cowboy Silver,” which is a white bronze. Some expensive saddle sets are made with silver pieces, but usually Cowboy Silver is used because bronze is more durable, and saddles get beat up depending on your riding event, ranch use, or level of trail riding. I clean my trail saddle with MORE Spray + Foam.

A lot of people blanket their animals in the winter. The metal clips and buckles get caked in mud or manure, which makes them hard to clasp, and then it’s easy for the horse to get it off. BKF to the rescue!


Trailers get rusty too! Rust is super annoying when you have animals, LOL! Everyone wants their stuff to look nice, but farm stuff rarely looks clean. People have to transport their animals all the time. Too much rust anywhere on the trailer, and your animals could be in danger.

Are You Using BKF in the Barn?

Are you using BKF in the barn? So, what Can You Clean with BKF in the Barn? It might be better to ask what you can’t clean in the barn with BKF! There are a thousand more things I could mention. However, I’ve shared worst-case scenarios or things I clean at least once a month because I like my barn to be super clean. If you’re reading this and you’d like to learn more about how I keep my barn shiny, contact me, I’d be happy to share. Now, please excuse me, I have a stall to clean.

About the Author

Casey Pennell is a photographer, equestrian, coach, and Digital Marketing Coordinator at Bar Keepers Friend. She mentors high school Track & Field athletes at Bishop Chatard High School. Casey is passionate about all things animals and is more likely to be found outside than in her own house. She is the proud animal-mom to three dogs, three horses, a domestic fox, and a very cute, but useful barn cat. When not at work, Casey can be found exploring wineries and breweries with her family, friends, and boyfriend (often times a dog or two will tag along as well). Casey’s family also enjoys trail riding and camping with their horses.

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