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Toilet Cleaner Tips: Keeping Your Bathroom Fresh for Guests

November 25, 2020

Thanksgiving is almost here! The turkey is thawing in the fridge. There’s a pumpkin pie on the counter, you have fresh cranberries, and your homemade green bean casserole is ready to put in the oven. So, why are we talking about BKF toilet bowl cleaner?

You’ve cleaned the house from top to bottom. It is spotless. And it doesn’t matter that this year it’s only you, your adult daughter, her husband, and their two kids. You want it to look good and feel homey.

You can’t wait to start cooking the feast and fill your home with the scent of rosemary, thyme, pumpkin, and nasty toilet water. Wait what!? You already cleaned the toilet. But see, here’s the thing. Keeping a toilet clean, shiny, and not smelling like the place where old seals go to die is a daily battle.

My mom taught me to keep cleaner, and a toilet brush in the bathroom. When it’s in your sight, cleaning is easy every day and every night!

So, we’re gonna discuss how to clean your toilet with BKF products before Thanksgiving and how to keep it clean 365 days a year. I already shared the first step. Keep your toilet-cleaning tools in the bathroom.

My cleaning stash is in the cabinet under my sink. It includes:

Toilet Cleaner - How to Clean Toilet Bowl - Image 1

What a Fan Had to Say 

“After spending hundreds of dollars on cleansers that claimed they’d get rid of hard water stains in the toilet, and trying Coca Cola, baking soda, and cleaning vinegar, none of which worked! I bought a can of Bar Keepers Friend – it worked! I had to use it twice, but it finally got rid of the hard water rings! I’m a fan for life! Thank you!” — Loreen M. 

How to Use BKF Toilet Bowl Cleaner

  • I like to raise the seat and use a small amount of More Spray and Foam and a paper towel to wipe down excess grime and … stuff from the rim
  • Flush the toilet to get it nice and wet
  • Apply about six ounces of BKF Toilet Bowl Cleaner evenly all over the bowl, including under the rim
  • Let it sit and do its magic for about five minutes
  • Use a toilet bowl brush to scrub the bowl
  • Flush to rinse
  • Repeat as needed
  • And do like I do, keep your supplies in the bathroom and clean it often.

Toilet Cleaner - How to Clean Toilet Bowl - Image 2For tough stains on the floor or at the base of the toilet, I use BKF powder. It’s easy just take a small amount of BKF powder, mix enough water to make a paste, and then spread it on the toilet base. After letting it sit for about a minute, wipe it off with a paper towel. For tougher stains, you might try scrubbing it with a brush.

For the remainder of the outside of the bowl, I use BKF More Spray and Foam on the foam setting because, unlike most cleaners, it doesn’t run off vertical surfaces but clings to them, defeating gravity.

If you follow our plan, you’ll have a shiny toilet that even smells good. Well, that’s until the two young grandsons use it. But hey, that’s why you keep your BKF toilet bowl cleaner handy!

I and everyone here at Bar Keeper’s Friend wish you all a happy (and spotlessly clean) Thanksgiving!





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