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Tidying Up After the Kids with BKF

October 28, 2020

I think back to what I put my mother through when I was a child, and I shake my head. It was a different time, but in some ways, things haven’t changed all that much. I was a mess. Mom was always tidying up after me. I was a tornado of grime and dirt. If mom wasn’t cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, she was cleaning the kid’s rooms.

It was the late 1950’s in Connersville, IN. Dad managed a Standard grocery store, and mom stayed home with three children. In 1959 I was eight, my sister six, and my little brother was four. I was not only the oldest but the orneriest. Dirtiest too!

Looking back, I think I owe my mom an apology and a huge thank you just for keeping the bathroom clean! Shall we say my aim wasn’t always true? Earlier I said some things hadn’t changed all that much. And one of them is keeping the bathroom clean. My two daughters face the same challenges with their sons — my grandsons.

Although separated by 50 years, one thing my mom and my daughters have in common, is Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser.

Tidying Up After the Kids in the Bathroom

You can’t just lock the kids out of the bathroom (although I’m sure many parents have wished for it to be so). However, you can use Bar Keepers Friend.

“Looking for the best way to clean glass shower doors, sinks, toilets, and other bathroom surfaces? Look no further than Bar Keepers Friend. Our bathroom cleaners tackle rust, hard water stains, mineral deposits, soap scum, and grime to keep your bathroom fresh and sparkling. No matter how tough the job, Bar Keepers Friend is one of the best bathroom cleaning products out there.” — In the Bathroom, Hard water stains? Soap scum? Rust stains? No problem!

Product Spotlight – Bar Keepers Friend Toilet Bowl Cleaner

You know those smells emanating from the kid’s bathroom toilet, the hard water and rust stains as well as the grime? Well, Bar Keepers Friend Toilet Bowl Cleaner can change the grime to shine and make your porcelain throne glow.

How to Use BKF Toilet Bowl Cleaner 

  • Apply the cleaner evenly on the toilet bowl.
  • Use the angled spout to get up under the rim.
  • Let it sit for 5 minutes.
  • Use a toilet brush as needed.
  • Flush! That’s all, folks!

Boys Get Toys Dirty, and so do Girls!

The sunspot pony pictured below had seen better days. You could say it was ridden hard and put away wet. However, it was no match for Bar Keepers Friend. The before and after photos are amazing. BKF can make metal cars and trucks, fiberglass swing sets with slides, and bigger boy toys like golf clubs, look brand spanking new.

How About the Kitchen? 

So, when I was eight or nine years old, I cut my finger trying to slice an apple. I ran cold water over it, applied a band-aid, and sat in front of the Television (a black and white RCA) to eat my apple. I threw the knife in the trash under the sink – or at least I thought I did. However, I missed the trash can, and the knife landed behind it. When mom eventually found the knife, she immediately yelled for me, “Randall Lyle, get in here.” After questioning my sanity, she got out the BKF and within seconds had a clean knife. The bloodstains and rust were gone. Remind me to tell you about the time I put a frozen cream pie in the oven. My sister still tells that story. Cleaning the oven was more than tidying up.

Whatever the kids do to your kitchen BKF is great at Tidying Up!

“We formulated Bar Keepers Friend uniquely to tackle the burned-on stains, mess, and grime that build up in any kitchen. Our cooktop cleaner easily restores glossy induction surfaces and does double duty on other tough cleaning problems from sinks to cookware to countertops. Bar Keepers Friend even removes food buildup and knife marks from porcelain, ceramic, glass dishes, and serving ware. From floor to ceiling, Bar Keepers Friend leaves your kitchen shining. You’ll quickly learn why we’re the best kitchen cleaner!” — The Best Way to Clean Appliances, Cooktops, Counters, and More!

Product Spotlight – Cooktop Cleaning Kit 

So, what’s in a BKF Cooktop Cleaning Kit? I’m glad you asked. Included are BKF’S multipurpose Cooktop Cleaner, a DishFish™ Dual scrubber sponge, and BKF’s unique, all-plastic scraper with multiple blades.

Do They Make Indoor Stop Signs for Kids?

There are many high traffic areas where cleanliness is compromised daily by kids. Entryways, living rooms, and did I mention bedrooms are all under attack by kids. So, let BKF be one of your “weapons of mass cleaning.” I can hear my youngest daughter yelling at her son Mason the last time we visited: “Mason, what is on your shoes!? Go outside. Take them off. I’ll get the hose.” It wasn’t pretty.

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Randy Clark is a speaker, coach, and author. He publishes a weekly blog at Randy Clark Randy is passionate about social media, leadership development, and flower gardening. He’s a beer geek and on weekends (after COVID-19) he can be found fronting the Rock & Roll band Under the Radar. He’s the proud father of two educators; he has four amazing grandchildren and a wife who dedicates her time to helping others. Randy is the author of the Amazon bestseller The New Manager’s Workbook: A crash course in effective management.

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