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Restaurant Cleaning Tips with BKF

June 24, 2020

Now that many restaurants are close to being back in full swing, there’s lots to do. Between advertising and organizing your restaurant’s safety precautions, one thing that  shouldn’t be neglected is ensuring your restaurant is clean.. 

There are already a lot of things on your checklist to worry about – and we understand there are a multitude of things you have to clean before opening.  Allow us to help you lighten your load and help you tackle your cleaning strategy. Check out some of our restaurant cleaning tips below!

restaurant cleaning - restaurant cleaning tips - blog - image 1Front of the House

Our first restaurant cleaning tip involves the “front of the house.” During the last few months, your restaurant may have become a ghost town. Dirty or dusty tables and chairs, dusty silverware that’s sat neatly on the tables and maybe some dust bunnies on the floor. Light fixtures, tables and chairs, host stands, computers, etc. are all things that collect dust and can become grimy over time, especially with little to no use. 

While a lot of our products tackle those hard to clean stains, grime, and spots that may occur when food or drinks are involved, we do have many products that aid in day to day maintenance for your “Front of the House” cleaning. 

Depending on your tables, countertops, and service stations, you might be more inclined to use our spray-able products such as our MORE Spray + Foam, Stainless Steel Cleaner, and Granite and Stone Cleaner. All three of these products can be used on their appropriate surfaces, with the MORE being used on most hard, non-porous surfaces. 

Important Note: While our products do not disinfect, thorough cleaning of surfaces will allow any disinfectants you apply to work properly. 

Bar Top and Taps

Over time, mold and bacteria can build up in the tap lines that run from your kegs to your lineup of taps. Not only does this make for some “not so fresh tasting” beer and cider, but in more severe cases, it can attract fruit flies and other bugs that are drawn to the sugars found in those beverages.The cleanliness of your bar top and taps affects overall customer experience. No one wants to eat or drink at a dirty bar.

Our products are named “Bar Keepers Friend” for a reason. They got their start in taverns across Indianapolis and have since blossomed into products that are kept under the sinks of homeowners everywhere. Still, we haven’t lost our roots. Cleaning your stainless steel bar tops and those sticky beer taps can be tricky, especially when customers come and go so rapidly.  Thankfully, Bar Keepers Friend will always be there for your restaurant’s bar and tavern cleaning needs.. 

To start, our Powdered  or Soft Cleansers are great on tough spots you can’t otherwise get off through using normal soap and water. Sprinkling our Powdered Cleanser and creating a paste with water and scrubbing with a soft cloth can get you the shiny finish your guests look for when they walk through the door. The same steps can be repeated with the Soft Cleanser. For extra shine and day-to-day maintenance, we recommend our Stainless Steel spray. Just spray on and wipe off. 

As far as your Sticky and grimy beer taps go, our Cookware Cleanser can make them a thing of the past.. Soaking in a mixture made with the Cookware Cleanser and water, for no longer than a minute, can make any stuck on residue easier to wipe off. After scrubbing your taps, apply more cleanser as needed and rinse thoroughly once cleaning is complete. 

Back of the House

The “Back of the House” in restaurant terminology is exactly that, the back. The kitchen area, food storage, dish drop off, and food runner stations are all major areas where food and other grime can add up. Compared to the front of the house, the back has more sanitation worries, potential messes, and small areas that allow food or other particles to be easily left behind.

This chance is multiplied when you add things like deep fryers and meat slicers. Clean restaurant kitchens dramatically reduce bacterial count and other illness-causing particles that have access to the food you are serving to your customers. A clean and organized kitchen also lowers the risk of hazardous workplace accidents.

Bar Keepers Friend products have a great reputation when it comes to cleaning stuck on grease and grime off of your dishes, pots, and baking pans. Restaurant appliances are no exception. While restaurant kitchens are not necessarily more complex in every situation, they certainly get a lot more use and house a lot more items that require regular cleaning than your average home kitchen. 

When it comes to dishes, cookware and utensils, we recommend using our Cookware Cleanser. Scrub your extra-dirty dishes or pans with the cleanser (mixed with water) and rinse thoroughly with potable water. You can also use the Cookware Cleanser on  greasy counter tops, storage shelves, grill sets, or stuck on food on the dish platform. 

There are, of course, specific regulations when it comes to restaurant quality cleanliness. Luckily, Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser and Cookware are both NSF approved and certified. 

Bar Keepers Friend is talked about as the best in-home cleaning product there is, but we can also help you  operate a successful, clean restaurant. 

Mickey Gilley said “If you have good food, people will come to your restaurant” but here at Bar Keepers Friend, we say “if your restaurant is clean, people will come back”.

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