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Quick Kitchen Clean up with BKF 

December 23, 2020

So, you’ve been elected to host Christmas dinner this year – or maybe dinner on New Year’s Eve. Even though it’s only you, your husband, two kids, and your mom and dad, it’s still Christmas dinner. There are expectations to be met. Dishes to be made. A ham to bake (with cloves and pineapple slices, of course). And a clean kitchen. Never mind that your mother will critique a messy kitchen. It’s the holidays and you want a clean kitchen. Kitchen cleaning is at the top of your Christmas dinner to-do list. You need a quick kitchen clean up.

The problem is, how do you keep it clean while you’re cooking the meal as everyone else enjoys themselves in the living room watching “It’s a Wonderful Life?”

Pro Tip: Clean As You Go!

Keep what you need under the kitchen sink. Here’s a shortlist for quick kitchen cleaning supplies.

Quick Kitchen Cleaning: The Oven Door Glass

Creative homemaking and lifestyle solutions expert Jillee N. shares how to get the grime off your oven door glass in a hurry.

“Sometimes, it seems like that layer of grease that builds up on the glass of your oven door is impossible to clean without harsh cleaning products. But Bar Keepers Friend can take care of it easily! Just smear a layer onto the glass, then rub or scrub it away. The grease will disappear, and you’ll be amazed! All the grime scrubbed right off in just a couple of minutes!” — 14 Things You Can Clean With Bar Keepers Friend That Will Amaze You

Quick Kitchen Clean: Granite Countertop

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Countertops have to be in the top 5 of the messiest places in the kitchen. Spills, stains, and spots abound. Some only need a quick swipe, but others need a little more attention. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t quickly clean it!


  • Use Bar Keepers Friend Granite & Stoner Cleaner & Polish
  • Spray the cleaner evenly on the surface of the countertop
  • Let it sit for about one minute
  • Using a non-abrasive nylon mesh sponge, rub the surface lightly
  • Wipe clean, dry, and polish with a soft cloth or paper towel. We like microfiber cloths
  • Repeat as needed

Did I mention it works on marble, quartz, and stone! And for ceramic and porcelain countertops, your quick go to is the original BKF Powder Cleanser.

Quick Kitchen Cleaning: Stainless Steel Sinks

I wonder if there’s ever been a study about how many times a day, the average person wipes down the kitchen sink. I know I do at least a half dozen times a day. Often soap and water get the job done, but they might not do the trick for stains and greasy build-ups. That’s when I turn to BKF for not only a quick but a thorough clean.

How to Clean Your Sink (the quick method)

  • Run water and then splash it, so everything is damp
  • Sprinkle Bar Keepers Friend on everything you wish to clean, sink, faucet, drain, etc.
  • Wait a minute or two while BKF goes to work, but don’t let it dry out
  • Scrub in a circular motion with a wet rag or sponge
  • Run the water and rinse the BKF off everything
  • Wipe down and shine with a dry cloth

Quick Kitchen Cleaning: Glass Cooktop

how to clean granite countertops - blog - image 2

How many times have you attempted to clean a glass cooktop, but what you did was more like spreading grease around than cleaning? Yep, and have you ever tried to use your fingernail to scratch off that crusty bit of burnt cheese? I have.

The most important consideration when cleaning a glass stovetop is that you can scratch it. Abrasive sponges or cloths, cleaners with harsh chemicals, and foods burnt into the surface not only stain the glass top but can lead to a scratched surface when you try to scrub off the stain.

The answer is BKF Cooktop Cleaner, and we even have a complete Cooktop Cleaning Kit

  • Wipe the cooktop with soap and water
  • Apply BKF Cooktop Cleaner
  • Wipe with a non-abrasive sponge or soft cloth.
  • Repeat as needed

The List Goes on

BKF quick kitchen cleaning isn’t limited to stovetops, oven doors, countertops, and sinks. Bar Keepers friend can help you do a quick clean on nearly the entire kitchen: Pots and pans, floor, appliances, and more.

When time is short, and you need to clean your kitchen like five minutes ago, you can count on BKF.

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