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How to Clean Oven Door Glass

November 11, 2019

Do you ever look at your oven door interior glass and think, “I really should clean that,” but then you forget about it? And then Thanksgiving approaches, and you realize that the inside of the oven door is so greasy, you won’t be able to see the turkey or casseroles or pies as they’re cooking? If so, don’t worry – Bar Keepers Friend can help you clean glass oven doors quickly, without the use of harsh chemicals. 

What to Use for Heavy Grime

BKF has recently released several new products for specialty cleaning, but when it comes to cutting through sticky, greasy food residue, we recommend using one of our two powerhouse scouring powders: BKF Cleanser or Cookware Cleanser.

You can mix water with BKF powdered cleansers to create the right level of strength – make a thick paste for baked-on and burnt-on food residue, or add more water to make a thinner mixture for less-grimy glass or repeat applications (always remove either BKF cleanser after one minute and reapply, if necessary).

How to Clean a Heavily-Soiled Oven Door

Before cleaning your oven door, make sure it’s cool to the touch, and place a layer of newspaper on the floor to catch any drips. Put on household gloves, and mix your cleanser with the appropriate amount of water in a glass bowl. Start with a thinner mixture and remember: You can always add more powder to the mix to strengthen. Use a damp scrubber or sponge (like the DishFish Dual scrubber), to apply the cleanser mixture to the oven door evenly, allow to sit for 15-20 seconds, then scrub in a circular motion. 

Remove the cleanser within one minute by wiping away cleanly with a damp sponge or cloth. If any grime remains, repeat the cleaning process with a thinner cleanser mixture. Once the surface is clean, use a soft microfiber cloth or paper towels to dry the surface to a streak-free shine. 

Keeping Your Oven Door Glass Clean

Once you’ve deep-cleaned your oven door, you can use Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser or BKF Multipurpose Cooktop Cleaner for lighter periodic cleaning. 

Shake the bottle well before opening. Squeeze a small amount onto a damp scrubber and spread the cleanser across the interior oven door, rubbing lightly in a circular motion. Rinse thoroughly within one minute of application and wipe the surface dry. 

Cleaning Between Double-Paned Glass Oven Doors

A note of caution: You can find plenty of how-to videos about cleaning between two panes of oven glass; however, disassembling your oven door could invalidate the warranty on your appliance. Always check your oven owner’s manual for specific recommendations – you may need to call a service technician to disassemble your oven door. 

Versatile Products, Multiple Uses

Unlike harsh oven cleaners, BKF Cleanser, Cookware Cleanser, and Soft Cleanser have multiple uses throughout the home. Use them to clean your oven door, your kitchen sink, bathtubs, showers and glass shower doors, and more. 

Find out where to buy BKF products here.

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