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How to Clean Granite Countertops, Tabletops, and More

December 9, 2020

The holiday season is hard on surfaces. Cooking, eating turkey, drinking eggnog, and the stains and spills that follow are a challenge. It’s a constant battle that starts on Thanksgiving and doesn’t end until New Years’, if then. So, how do you keep up with the battle for the countertop? Here’s how to use BKF to clean granite countertops and more. With BKF, you can win the countertop war.

My mom has always said that shiny is clean and dull is dirty. Tabletops, counters, and well, most surfaces should sparkle when they’re clean, and if they didn’t sparkle – then you weren’t done cleaning. I can’t count the number of times as a teenager I was sent back to finish cleaning something. I can still hear my mother answering my, “But Mom!” with “Randall Lyle, you get back in there and make that shines, right now.”

How to Clean Granite Countertops

I thought I’d start with how to clean granite countertops because many consumers aren’t sure. I have great news! It’s easy because BKF heard you and developed a product specifically for granite countertops.

The first thing that you need to know about granite countertops is that they’re porous. They may not look like it but believe me, they are. Therefore, you must clean them often and wipe away stains before they have a chance to set in. Cooking oil, cranberry sauce, turkey grease, and many other cooking products commonly found on a countertop will penetrate and stain the stone if left to fester. So, what do you do if at Thanksgiving Uncle Paul spilled his red wine on your granite countertop, and you didn’t notice it right away?

 BKF to the Rescue  

  1. Use Bar Keepers Friend Granite & Stoner Cleaner & Polish
  2. Spray the cleaner evenly on the surface of the countertop
  3. Let it sit for about one minute
  4. Using a non-abrasive nylon mesh sponge, rub the surface lightly
  5. Wipe clean, dry, and polish with a soft cloth or paper towel. We like microfiber cloths
  6. Repeat as needed

Can BKF be Used to Remove Water Stains from Wooden Tabletops?

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As a fair warning, BKF is NOT recommended for most wood surfaces. However, people have told us that they’ve been using BKF to remove tough stains from wooden surfaces for years. Just know that if you do decide to use BKF on wood, you do so at your own risk.

Before you start, test the BKF on a small out of sight spot. Here’s how one BKF fan cleaned an old distressed wooden tabletop.

“Usually, for bleaching wood, you use 100% oxalic acid powder and water it down. Neither Lowes nor Home Depot had it in stock. I also don’t like the idea of letting water sit on a piece of veneer furniture.

Since Bar Keeper’s Friend (BKF) is not 100% oxalic acid, I made a concentrated paste using 2 parts BKF and 1-part water.

I applied the BKF paste to the stained areas using a damp rag going with the grain of the wood. Remember to protect your hands with gloves.

I let that sit for a few minutes, then wiped it down with a clean damp cloth.” —  How to Remove Water Stains from Wood Furniture

But Wait, There’s More! 

The title of this post is how to clean granite countertops, tabletops, and more. So, here’s more. Do you have a marble countertop, quartz tabletop, or stone-topped vanity? If so, we have good news. Bar Keepers Friend Granite & Stoner Cleaner & Polish works on marble, quartz, and stone!

What About Porcelain and Ceramic? 

BKF has you covered for cleaning porcelain and ceramic. Our product suggestion to clean ceramic and porcelain is the original BKF Powder Cleanser. Whether you have ceramic vases, lighting, dishes, or tiles, BKF powder will make even the dullest shine like new again.

Does your porcelain look like it took a beating this holiday? If so, BKF is perfect for your porcelain tile, countertop, or accents.

I almost forgot if you have a glass tabletop like our coffee table at home, BKF powder will make it gleam like it was brand new too!

How to use BKF Powder Cleanser on Porcelain, Ceramic, and Glass

I’ll let one of our many fans, Nicole C., radio host and author at Big Mountain Kitchens, walk you through it.

  • On metal, porcelain, plastic, and fiberglass, the surface should be wet before applying Bar Keepers Friend powder cleanser.
  • With Bar Keepers Friend, hard rubbing is generally unnecessary. Let its non-bleach cleaning ingredients do the work.
  • For difficult stains, apply Bar Keepers Friend liquid or make a paste with Bar Keepers Friend powder and let it remain on the surface but for no longer than one minute (don’t let it dry, or risk discoloration!)
  • Rub gently as needed, rinse thoroughly.
  • Use Bar Keepers Friend regularly to prevent stain buildup.

I Saved the Best for Last – Stovetops

Is there anything in your home that accumulates more stains during the holiday than your stovetop? Turkey grease, ham bone drippings, and cranberry sauce all make your stovetop look dirty, dull, and greasy. Once again, BKF has the answer, Bar Keepers Friend Cooktop Cleaner. 

how to clean granite countertops - blog - image 2

Many cleaners use abrasives to clean surfaces, not BKF Cooktop Cleaner, because abrasives can scratch glossy surfaces. BKF’s Cooktop Cleaner was designed to clean and shine but never damage your cooktop. The product removes “cooking oils and hardened food debris without scratching or dulling the cooktop.”

‘Tis the Season to Be Cleaning fa la la la la

The holiday season is filled with joy, but it’s also full of opportunities for dirt and grime to take over your home before, during, and after your celebrations. Take our advice and put BKF products under the tree and your sink! Have a bright and shiny holiday!

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