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How to Clean a Burnt Pan, Scorched Skillet, or Stained Saucepan

November 17, 2017

It has happened to all of us. You get distracted and the next thing that you know, you’ve burnt a pan. Fats and sugars are cookware’s worst enemies. If you have been hiding your stainless pots in the cabinet, now is the time to pull them out and make your stainless steel pans shine. Fortunately, our bleach-free Cookware Cleanser is perfectly formulated to handle the hard work so that you can tackle this task quickly and move on to more important things.

If you’ve spent any time cooking on the stove, you’ve likely also spent time scrubbing over the sink. No matter what your talents in the kitchen, we’ve all been there — trying to figure out how to clean a burnt pan. A quick distraction, high heat, or fats and sugars can create an icky, crusty mess of your favorite pots and pans. Burned cookware looks unsightly, does not cook evenly, and can even be a health hazard. The good news is that Bar Keepers Friend makes cleaning black, burned pots easy. How easy, you ask? Download our guide and find out why All-Clad and Calaphon recommend Bar Keepers Friend to keep cookware shiny.

How to Keep Stainless Steel Cookware Shiny

We LOVE customer testimonials like this one from Dirt Farmer Jay. Nothing makes us happier than happy customers.

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