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How Cupid Cleans his Arrows

February 12, 2021

how cupid cleans his arrows - blog - image 1BKF has landed another exclusive interview. You might have seen Cleaning Santa’s Sleigh with BKF. This time we chatted with the most famous cherub of them all – Cupid. Not Cupid’s handlers, but the son of Venus himself. Of course, we were interested in how Cupid cleans his arrows because we thought they must be thousands of years old. What we learned was that the tips or arrowheads are ancient, but the shafts have been updated.

How Cupid Cleans His Arrows

Randy: “It’s an honor to meet you. Thank you for your time, especially this time of year.”

Cupid: “Of course, and I thank Bar Keepers Friend for your wonderful products. For more than 2,000 years, I had no good way to clean my arrows until your product was available 120 years ago.”

Randy: “It is our pleasure. By the way, what should I call you?”

Cupid: “My birth name was Eros, but you can call me Cupid.”

Randy: “So, Cupid, we’d like to ask you how you use Bar Keeper Friend to clean your arrows, but our concern was cleaning the gold. Although we do not recommend cleaning gold with our products, we know that many have done so without any problems. We always caution folks to test a small, out of sight area first.”

Cupid: “Great question because people assume the arrow is all gold. It’s not. The arrow tip, or what you might call the point is gold, but the shaft isn’t it.”

Randy: “So, what is the shaft?”

Cupid: “Another good question. Originally the shafts were bronze, then brass, and then copper. For more than a century, I’ve used stainless steel shafts.”

Randy: “Thanks for sharing. So, what is your cleaning method.”

Cupid: “I’ve used Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser, Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser, and Bar Keepers Friend MORE Spray+Foam, as well as Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish. All are great, but I’m old fashioned and like using the original.

Randy: “Can you tell us how you use the BKF powder, please?”

Cupid: “Of course. First, I cover the gold tip by tying a small piece of linen over it. Then I wet the shaft with water from the River Styx, the gateway to the afterworld. I toss BKF powder into the air and hold it there with my magic – it sparkles like glitter. Then I wave the shaft through the glittering BKF powder. After that. I let it rest for a minute, wipe it with a sea sponge, and then polish it with the bottom of my linen tunic.”

Randy: “Thank you, Cupid. The arrow points must get nasty. How do you clean them.”

Cupid: “Very carefully! Well, to tell the truth, I break the rules and use just a smidgen of BKF powder on a damp sponge, after which I polish it on my tunic. The key for me is to be slow and gentle – no scrubbing.”

Randy: “We know that you also have lead tipped arrows that when they lance someone, it causes hate and disgust. How do you clean the lead arrow points?”

Cupid: “I don’t; I let them fester. I want them to be disgusting. It adds to the potion.”

Randy: “Thank you for your time Cupid it is truly appreciated.” May I ask a favor of you, sir?”

Cupid: “It depends. What is it?”

Randy: “I’d like you to shoot an arrow at someone.”

Cupid: “Ah, who is it you want to fall in love.”

Randy: “Actually, I was thinking of a lead arrow.”

Cupid: “I see.”

I learned a lot in my interview with Cupid and will never forget our time together, although he did turn down my request.

Here’s a “Golden” Example of Using BKF to Bring Back the Gold   

“Our home burned down in the California wildfires, and very little was recoverable. We found some gold coins that were not totally melted, but the black coating on them was so baked on nothing would cut through it, until I tried BKF. Nothing else worked. The coin on the left is a control, which wasn’t too badly discolored and cleaned up with another product. The one on the right is the before and after sample using BKF. Nothing else worked.” – Roy B

*Bar Keepers Friend sends Roy and his family our condolences.  

Don’t Be Stupid. Be Like Cupid! 

Okay, so I couldn’t resist the rhyme. But Cupid has a “point”– BKF gets the job done. Your water may not be from the river Styx, you probably don’t have the magic to float BKF powder in the air or a natural sea sponge for cleaning, but all you need is a little water, soft cloths, and BKF to make your arrows (and more) shine like Cupids! Happy Valentine’s Day!    

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