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Making Holidays Merry and Bright

Holiday Cleaning Made Easy

Bar Keepers Friend Product GroupThe only thing more daunting than cooking for holiday gatherings is cleaning the house before guests arrive. It’s a good thing that you have Bar Keepers Friend on hand!

For 135 years, Bar Keepers Friend has been tackling some of the toughest cleaning jobs – burnt on food, scratched up porcelain, tarnished brass, and more. Our products are versatile enough to work in the kitchen, bath, and garage. They’re also gentle enough to use on pans, plates, and glass. Bar Keepers Friend is formulated with oxalic acid, which is found naturally in rhubarb and other vegetables like spinach. Oxalic acid attacks stubborn rust, tarnish, and lime stains at the molecular level, breaking the bonds that hold them together.

Bar Keepers Friend: Once Tried, Always Used

Grandma and grandkids baking

We’re proud when we hear customers tell us that their grandmother used Bar Keepers Friend. As a family-owned business, we couldn’t ask for better proof that our products work. Generations of customers have relied on our product. So, before you have your family over for the holidays, let our family take care of the cleaning.

In the Kitchen

Bar Keepers Friend is a kitchen’s best friend! Our versatile cleansers can tackle tough stains and are gentle enough to use every day. Find out how Bar Keepers Friend can help brighten your holidays by clicking on the links below to learn more about our cleansers and their uses.

In the Bathroom

Bar Keepers Friend isn’t just for kitchens. Our cleaners work great in bathrooms, too! They are perfect to use on porcelain, glass, tile, fiberglass, ceramic, chrome, Formica, and more. Check out our Before and After Gallery for some inspiration. Don’t forget to share your own photos. They might end up on one of our cans!

Around the House

Bar Keepers Friend is a multi-purpose cleaner that can be used in every room of your home — from the kitchen to the garage. Our cleaners are even great for outdoor projects like grills and automotive bodywork. Here are just a few ways you can use Bar Keepers Friend to get your home holiday ready.

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  • “Bar Keepers Friend is extremely popular among musicians, especially drummers. It is excellent at removing stains, fingerprints and stick marks from cymbals”
  • My mother always told me to use Bar Keepers Friend to keep my stainless steel pots clean, and she was right. I finally tried it and was so surprised it worked great. Thank you so much
  • Thanks for making a product that actually cleans my sink and pots and pans without tons of elbow grease. I use Bar Keepers Friend for all kinds of clean up around the house. Thanks for making a superior product!
  • This is my favorite kitchen cleaning product! Saves so much time and effort when cleaning baked-on and stained items. You have a customer for life! Thanks