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Season's Greetings from
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Prep Your Home for the Holidays with BKF.

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There’s no question that the holidays may look a little different this year. Whether you plan on hosting only a few guests, or just the immediate family, Bar Keepers Friend has got you covered for all your pre and post holiday cleaning needs. Our versatile set of cleaners can be used in just about every area of your home. 

Here are some BKF products that can help you this holiday season: 

BKF Products for the Holiday Season:

MORE Spray + Foam - Seasons Greetings - 600x600

MORE Spray + Foam Cleaner

Not everyone needs to go on a cleaning spree before the festivities begin. Sometimes all you need to do is wipe down surfaces for a rust and gunk-free shine. Formulated for light, everyday cleaning, BKF’s MORE Spray + Foam cleaner contains the same powerful ingredients of our classic cleanser, in a gentler formulation. 

Coffee Cleaner - Seasons Greetings - 600x600 copy

Bar Keepers Friend
Coffee Maker Cleaner

After the holiday dinner comes dessert – and you gotta have coffee with your dessert, right? Make sure that coffee is hot and delicious by using BKF’s Coffee Maker Cleaner prior to your first brew. Our cleaner removes oils, tannins and proteins that can make coffee taste bitter and smell. For best results, use our BKF Coffee Maker Descaler before cleaning.

Cooktop Cleaner - Seasons Greetings - 600x600

Bar Keepers Friend
Cooktop Cleaner

Post holiday dinner cleanup does NOT have to be a hassle. Period. Whether you’ve cooked up a small meal for your family or a smorgasbord of food, Bar Keepers Friend Cooktop Cleaner can clean up that glass or ceramic cooktop in no time at all. Specially formulated for glass and ceramic cooktops, our cooktop cleaner removes cooking oils and hardened food debris without scratching or dulling the surface. Be sure to also try our Cooktop Cleaning Kit.

BKF Classic Cleanser - Seasons Greetings - 600x600

Bar Keepers Friend

If you’re looking to really deep clean your home before decorating Clark Griswold style, you’ll definitely want to grab a can of the original Bar Keepers Friend classic Cleanser. It powers through rust stains and hard water spots on sinks, bathtubs, and porcelain tile. Use it to clean your bathroom and kitchen before breaking out the holiday decorations from the closet. 

Soft Cleanser - Seasons Greetings - 600x600

Bar Keepers Friend
Soft Cleanser

Looking to do a deeper clean, but don’t necessarily want a powder cleanser? You’re in luck! There’s also our tried-and-true soft cleanser. Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser is just as powerful as our classic cleanser, but formulated for swift surface coverage and easier cleaning of vertical surfaces like shower doors. Easily remove soap scum, rust stains, tarnish, and mineral deposits.

Cookware Cleanser - Seasons Greetings - 600x600

Bar Keepers Friend
Cookware Cleanser

Let’s face it: no one likes to do the dishes. If they do, then more power to them. For those who don’t, there’s Bar Keepers Friend Cookware Cleanser. Made to power through baked-on food grime, our Cookware Cleanser contains 50% more grease-cutting detergents than our other cleansers. Easily remove stains from glass and ceramic casserole dishes, stainless steel utensils, enamel-coated cast iron, and other cookware.

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