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Cleaning Your Laundry Room With Bar Keepers Friend 

November 10, 2021

Cleaning your laundry room might not be at the top of your list or mine. However, I have found that a clean laundry room makes for a much more pleasant laundry day than a dirty laundry room.

Cleaning Your Laundry Room With Bar Keepers Friend 

Cleaning Your Washer and Dryer 

The outside of your washer and dryer should be easy to clean. How you clean the exterior depends on the surface. For stainless steel appliances, we recommend BKF Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish. This product was specifically designed to clean and polish stainless steel. Unlike many other cleaning products, it contains no harsh chemicals or abrasives that can damage, dull, or even scratch the surface of your stainless steel washer and dryer.

For painted metal surfaces, some of our fans use the original BKF Powder Cleanser. However, not all metal surfaces are appropriate for BKF Powder Cleanser. So, if you do use it, test it first on a small out-of-the-way area.

I use BKF Cooktop Cleaner on the painted surface of my washer & dryer at home. This product is known as a glass cooktop cleaner, but you can also use it to clean most painted metal surfaces because the product contains no harsh abrasives. Once again, it’s always a good idea to test it first, especially if the washer and dryer are older.

How Do You Clean the Inside of Your Washer? 

My go-to for cleaning the inside of my washer is what my mom did years ago. Run a regular hot cycle with two cups of vinegar and no detergent. It works well, and I’m told it helps keep the pipes clean. However, it doesn’t always remove that dirty ring that develops around the washer tub. One of our users has an answer for that.

Here’s How Home-Ec 101 cleans that nasty wring around the washer. 

“Break out your handy Bar Keepers Friend. Dampen a sponge with water (you should be wearing gloves, by the way), sprinkle the Bar Keepers Friend liberally onto your sponge, and then gently apply to the stain. Don’t rub hard, and don’t immediately wipe off the BKF. You want to give the oxalic acid time to work on breaking that bond between your soap scum and the washer’s tub. Rinse your sponge and wipe away the BKF residue, and you should see significant improvement. Now, if this ring has been building up for years, it might take a few applications to clean completely.” — How to Remove Ring Around the Washer

Cleaning the Laundry Room Floor 

You can use BKF Products on granite, stone, tile, and vinyl flooring. Caution: Although our fans have used BKF on carpet and wood flooring, we do not recommend it.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but the laundry rooms in every home I’ve ever lived in had vinyl flooring, usually linoleum.

Here’s a two-minute video of a new BKF fan discovering how BKF Powder Cleanser cleaned her grandmother’s old stained linoleum floor when other products had failed. Clean linoleum floors with Bar Keepers Friend 

Laundry Room Windows

Is there a window in your laundry room? My current laundry room doesn’t have a window, but my previous home did, and it seemed like the window would dirty up fast. I guess it was from all the steam and lint particles in the air. If you have a window in your laundry room, you know what I mean. Did you know you can use BKF to clean your windows?

How to Use BKF to Clean Your Window Glass 

  • Make a paste of Bar Keepers Friend Powdered Cleanser and water
  • Rub it on the glass and then let it sit for five minutes
  • After five minutes, wipe away the paste with a soft wet cloth or paper towel
  • Shine it clean with a dry rag

Cleaning Your Utility Sink

Many laundry room utility sinks are metal like your kitchen sink, and you know how well BKF products work in the kitchen. However, some utility sinks are fiberglass. So, can you use BKF on fiberglass? You bet.

What you’ll need

Cleaning Your Utility Sink with BKF

  1. Wet the sink
  2. Shake Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser on bottom
  3. Use a soft sponge in circular motions to clean the area.
  4. To clean the sides of the tub, make a paste of BKF and water. Spread it on with a sponge, then let it sit for one minute before you wipe it clean with the sponge
  5. Rinse
  6. Dry with a soft cloth
  7. Repeat as needed

A Clean Laundry Room is a Happy Place

No one likes doing laundry in a messy room, let alone a dirty one. Doing laundry might not be your favorite chore, but you can make it a little better by making it a lot cleaner with BKF!

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