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Cleaning with Bar Keepers Friend? The Possibilities are Nearly Endless!

October 7, 2020

I was originally going to title this post, “Why didn’t I Think of That?” Because it’s true. However, it wouldn’t have conveyed what the post is about – uncommon things fans have cleaned with BKF. Some were hard to clean, others are treasures, and some are just fun stories. When it comes to cleaning with Bar Keepers Friend, the possibilities are nearly endless. Here are some of the items we’d like to highlight!

When Cleaning with Bar Keepers Friend, the Possibilities are Nearly Endless!

Alfred asks, what else can you clean?

cleaning with bar keepers friend - alfie y -image 1

“These blades are hard to come by, or you have to pay an extra $12 when dealing with a landscape supplier. Amazon is cheaper, and it took me almost 2 months for it to come in. I cleaned the old blade, and I will sharpen it to get more out of it once I clean the other blades for my other tools and sharpen them all. If you can clean this 11-year crud off of this blade, then what else can you clean?” — Alfred Y

This Golf doesn’t have 18 holes

cleaning with bar keepers friend - image 2

“Thanks to the folks who recommended Bar Keepers Friend for the tailpipe on my Golf/GTI!”Imgur

We Got the Beat! 

“I tried the Spray + Foam my cymbals, and it’s freaking amazing. Here is the link to my video that I shared to 3 drum sites and has almost 10k views in less than 24 hours.”Jeffrey H

Calling all metal lovers

cleaning with bar keepers friend - image 3

“I hate buying things. I try to repurpose and reuse whenever I can. Like these! And any other copper you may have seen here. We replaced our hot water heater a few months back, which left me with a few feet of dingy copper, and we had an old air conditioner go out, so I saved the long copper coil from it.

Anywho, in case any of you folks are metal lovers like myself here’s a little tip, bar keepers friend shines copper and any other metal up like you wouldn’t believe!! I wish I had taken photos of the gunk that came off the water heater pipes! A little sprinkle and quick scrub leave it gleaming! The two on the left are just scrubbed, and the two on the right still need a bath. They look like two completely different metals!” — Sarah 

Back to the Future with BKF 

cleaning with bar keepers friend - delorean - image 4

Fan Anthony recently cleaned up his DeLorean with BKF Powder Cleanser. Great Scott! Talk about uncommon things fans have cleaned with BKF! Here are his thoughts, “My biggest motivator are the compliments I receive. If it can make an entire car look this good, then imagine how well this product will work in so many other applications!”

Our condolences and our applause for your positive spirit! 

cleaning with bar keepers friend - coins - image 5

“Our home burned down in the California wildfires, and very little was recoverable. We found some gold coins that were not totally melted, but the black coating on them was so baked on nothing would cut through it, until I tried BKF. Nothing else worked. The coin on the left is a control, which wasn’t too badly discolored and cleaned up with another product. The one on the right is the before and after sample using BKF. Nothing else worked.” – Roy B

Wipe away superficial car scratches

“I know there is a stone wall next to my driveway, but that hasn’t stopped me from scraping my previous car not once but twice while pulling out. I wish I would’ve known about this trick from One Good Thing for small scratches at the time. Wipe away any dust and debris from the scratch on your car first, then use water and a small amount of Bar Keepers Friend and gently rub away. While you’re at it, try it out on cloudy headlights and dingy hubcaps.” — 7 Uses For ‘Bar Keepers Friend’ You Probably Haven’t Tried

So, what uncommon things have you cleaned with BKF?

There you have it, tools, windshields, gold coins, and more. What have you used BKF on that’s not typical? We’d love to hear from you. Drop us a note, Bar Keepers Friend Facebook Page

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