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Cleaning Santa’s Sleigh with BKF  

December 16, 2020

Bar Keepers Friend and I are excited that we had the opportunity to interview the head engineer of Santa’s sleigh maintenance team, Master Elf Quinton. Among other things, he shared with us how he uses BKF products to keep Santa’s Sleigh spotless!

The Interview

Randy: “Merry Christmas, Quinton, and thank you so very much for the time. I know how busy you must be.”

Quinton: “It’s my pleasure; besides, most of my work is done now until Christmas eve.”

BKF-cleaning-santas-sleigh-head-elf-image-1Randy: “Can you tell us about that?”

Quinton: “Of course, the sleigh is ready to fly, all the mechanicals have been checked, and then double-checked, and there isn’t a spot of dirt on the sleigh thanks to Bar Keepers Friend.”

Randy: “We love hearing that. Quinton, it’s always been a mystery to me how after traveling the world all night in all sorts of weather and landing on dirty rooftop after dirty rooftop that we never see an image with any dirt on Santa’s sleigh? How is that possible?”

Quinton: “Well, to be honest, some of it’s magic. However, much of it is the magic of Bar Keepers Friend.”

Randy: “Can you share with us how you use BKF on Santa’s sleigh?”

Quinton: “Certainly. To begin with, you must understand that we’re dealing with an antique. The original parts of the sleigh are more than 1700 years old. Of course, the sleigh has been updated. We made the most significant structural changes in 1973 when we added a titanium frame and fiberglass body. At that point, the old wood body was beyond saving.

However, there is much that’s original. For example, the brass runners, chrome trim, and copper interior fixtures are all original. And that’s where Bar Keepers Friend comes in handy. Believe it or not, we’ve been using BKF Powder Cleanser since 1882, and we continue to use it for all scheduled cleanups and for tough stains, such as removing reindeer hoof marks from the brass runners.

In the last few years, we’ve added other BKF products to our approved cleaning list. Santa carries a bottle of MORE Spray + Foam with him on the sleigh, and we use BKF Coffee Maker Descaler to remove the mineral build-up from the Sleighs on board Hot Cocoa dispenser. As you might imagine, the big guy goes through a lot of Hot Chocolate on Christmas eve.

I almost forgot! We use Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser on the fiberglass sleigh body. All we do is wet the body, make a paste of the powder and a small amount of water, and then with a damp sponge, we spread the cleanser evenly all over the bright red fiberglass hull. Next, we wait for one-minute, wipe it with a soft sponge, rinse, polish it with a micro cloth, and voila, you have a shiny red sleigh.”

Randy: “Thank you. So, Quinton, what else would you like to tell us about the sleigh?”

Quinton: “Good question. The original sleigh may be 1700 years old, but we’ve tried to keep up with technology.”

Randy: “Like what?”

Quinton: “To begin with, we have a GPS navigational system, a collision avoidance app, and blind-spot monitoring. The sleigh also has a rear-view camera, autopilot, and satellite radio. And we’ve added a few creature comforts features for Santa, such as heated seats and steering wheel, and a Bose wave stereo system. It’s a lot safer and a lot more pleasant ride than it used to be.”

Randy: “Thank you for all the wonderful insights, Quinton. We appreciate it!”

Quinton: “And we want to thank you for your marvelous products.”

Randy: “Quinton, may I ask you one more question?”

Quinton: “Of course.”

Randy: “So, this year, am I on the naughty or nice list?”

Quinton: “Sorry, only Santa knows. Merry Christmas!”

Keeping Santa’s Sleigh Bright and Shiny

It was a thrill to chat with Quinton. It’s been the best Zoom meeting of the year. And he was standing in front of the sleigh as we talked! So, when you look to the sky on Christmas eve and see Santa’s sleigh silhouetted against the moon, remember that BKF had a small part in keeping it shiny! Merry Christmas!

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