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Superior Hard Surface Cleansers

When you clean with Bar Keepers Friend, your effort is multiplied, thanks to our unique two-stage formulation. Apply BKF cleaner and it begins working right away, which means less scrubbing time for you.

How Bar Keepers Friend Works…Safely

Other cleansers for tough cleaning tasks contain bleach, but Bar Keepers Friend starts with a plant-based solution. As you clean, oxalic acid —found naturally in plants like rhubarb — works at a molecular level, breaking the bonds that hold rust and lime stains together. Then micro-scrubbing particles remove deposits and gently polish the surface. You get a great clean without worrying about harsh ingredients.

Less Effort, Better Clean

Our two-stage formulation means you don’t need as much elbow grease to get the job done. Cleaning with Bar Keepers Friend is simple — the cleaner is doing twice the work.

No matter what needs to be done, Bar Keepers Friend has a solution.

  • I am preparing my 1942 house for sale. I just used Bar Keepers Friend on the original kitchen sink, and I can't believe how clean it got! Thanks for a great product!
  • I just wanted to say great job! I have started using Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser and Polisher on most of the items in my kitchen. It cleans and does not scratch my stainless or porcelain. Thanks again.
  • My husband wanted me to write Bar Keepers Friend and let y'all know how much he loves y'alls products! We have stainless steel pots and pans, he uses Bar Keepers Friend to clean those, our sink, and even makes a paste to clean our glass top stove. It is truly a universal cleaner.


Our classic oxalic acid-based cleaning powder is the most flexible choice.

Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser

Soft Cleanser

Pre-mixed for consistency, Soft Cleanser is great for vertical surfaces like shower doors.

MORE Spray + Foam

This gentler formulation can be used as a spray or foam, with a flexible bottle that works at any angle.

Bar Keepers Friend Cookware Cleanser

Cookware Cleanser & Polish

With 50% more grease and stain removal power than classic Cleanser, this cleaner tackles the toughest jobs in the kitchen and beyond.

Bar Keepers Friend Cooktop Cleaner

Cooktop Cleaner

Specially formulated to removed burned-on food stains, this cleaner is gentle enough to use on glossy induction cooktops at a fraction of the price of the other brands.

Before and After

Not convinced that Bar Keepers Friend can tackle your tough cleaning project?
View users' before and after photos and see why we say, Once Tried, Always Used.

  • “Bar Keepers Friend is extremely popular among musicians, especially drummers. It is excellent at removing stains, fingerprints and stick marks from cymbals”
  • My mother always told me to use Bar Keepers Friend to keep my stainless steel pots clean, and she was right. I finally tried it and was so surprised it worked great. Thank you so much
  • Thanks for making a product that actually cleans my sink and pots and pans without tons of elbow grease. I use Bar Keepers Friend for all kinds of clean up around the house. Thanks for making a superior product!
  • This is my favorite kitchen cleaning product! Saves so much time and effort when cleaning baked-on and stained items. You have a customer for life! Thanks