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Bar Keepers Friend Fall Cleaning Checklist

September 2, 2020

Can you believe it? Autumn is just around the corner. This year has gone by fast (not fast enough, but that’s another story). It will soon be time for deep a fall cleaning checklist for inside and out at your home. 

Yesterday, I deep cleaned my bathroom. It had been since last fall that I’d deep cleaned my bathroom. It was time for some fall cleaning. My wife and I have separate bathrooms. She keeps hers clean all year. I wipe mine down occasionally.

I used three cleaning products, glass cleaner, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, and my go-to, the original Bar Keepers Friend Powdered Cleanser. So, among other spots, I used BKF on my shower doors and the chrome frame. It’s incredible how clean everything is now. My wife looked in and said, “It’s shiny!” It is. 

Here’s a partial Fall BKF cleaning checklist with how-to ideas and customer reviews.  

BKF Interior Fall Cleaning Checklist 

Showers, Baths, and Sinks

How-toIn the Bathroom — Hard water stains? Soap scum? Rust stains? No problem!

What a customer had to say 

“Recently moved and the previous owners told me how I needed to go online and order this expensive cleaning product to remove the rust from our very hard water. I decided to try a “tried and true” method. I wish I would have gotten a before, but this was during. Only scrubbed for about a minute, and you can see how orange everything became! The bottom was after rinsing! No expensive product here, but fantastic results!” — Mary D Facebook  

Mary D - BKF User - Fall Cleaning Tip    

More BKF uses in the bathroom 

    • Bathtub drains
    • Light-colored grout
    • Metal fixtures
    • Ceramic tiles 
    • Porcelain Sink and Toilet
    • Doorknobs


How-to, 3 Ways BKF Can Beautify Your Fireplace

What a Customer had to say 

“Bar Keepers Friend Powder and a little elbow grease, that’s what! While the fireplace wasn’t the only neglected, hidden treasure in this house, it definitely has its own WOW factor. Using Bar Keepers Friend on your hidden treasures, new or old, can turn this (before) into this (after).” — An Old Farmhouse, a New Home and a Filthy Fireplace

fireplace before and after - fall cleaning tips

Deep Cleaning the Kitchen 

How-to, In the Kitchen — Make kitchen items and surfaces shine with the best kitchen cleaner around.

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, what’s the worth of a video? Here’s a short video showing off Bar Keepers Friend Cooktop Cleaner. Quickly clean induction cooktops, cookware, and other glass or ceramic surfaces with Bar Keepers Friend Cooktop Cleaner.

More BKF uses in the kitchen 

    • Hard water deposits 
    • Built-up oven grease
    • Rust stains
    • Stained cookware
    • Discolored faucets 
    • Tile backslash stains 

Bonus, How to Clean Granite and Stone Countertops


Windows, glassware, tabletops, and more. I use window cleaner for light work on our windows at home. However, for tough stains, try BKF MORE Spray + Foam. Here are some great pointers from the WCR Window Cleaning Community

“Yes, big fan of Bar Keepers Friend, it’s my first line of offense against hard water stains. It’s what I normally recommend to friends because of how easy it is to find.”

“Always test a small area first. Tinted or coated glass is sensitive. I haven’t heard it has damaged any clear glass.”

“Put it on wet glass, rub it over with a sponge or non-scratching pad, or applicator or brush. Rinse it off in less than a minute.” 

 Pro Tips: 

*It’s a good time to check your smoke detectors and clean them while you’re at it! 

*Fall is a great time to replace your furnace filter.

*Clogged gutters can damage your roof so, late fall,  after the leaves have fallen, is the time to have them cleaned. 

Exterior BKF Fall Cleaning Checklist 

Where do you begin when compiling an outdoor BKF checklist? For starters, think about what you’ll be storing for the Winter, such as garden tools, your mower, and patio furniture. Next, consider what you may not be able to get to when it’s cold, such as stains on your driveway, or mildew on your siding.   

Before Putting it Away for the Winter

Patio Furniture 

“If your patio furniture is primarily composed of metal that has since rusted, Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser and Soft Cleanser can make your table look as good as new. If you choose the classic cleanser, mix some powder with a little water – just enough to create a paste – and leave on the surface for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, rub the cleanser into the surface with a soft cloth and rinse thoroughly. You may follow the same steps with our Soft Cleanser.” — How to Prep Your Yard for Summertime

Gardening tools

“Bar Keepers Friend can be used to remove surface rust from garden tools. The Powdered Cleanser is effective for large tools such as shovels, rakes, and hoes. The Soft Cleanser or MORE Spray + Foam would be better options for small, handheld garden tools such as clippers and trowels.” — How to Remove Rust from Garden Tools

Bonus – I used MORE Spray + Foam on my mower. It worked great. 

Get to it Before the Cold and Snow Does

Wash your siding 

“Tuesdays Tip; To clean vinyl siding; wet siding, using a wet sponge, sprinkle on Bar Keepers Friend. Clean siding and rinse. BKF is environmentally friendly and will not harm shrubs or flowers.” — Facebook Bar Keepers Friend 

Driveway or concrete patio 

“Sprinkle Barkeepers Friend on the dampened area, scrub with a good brush, rinse, repeat.”

“Ooh! I love Bar Keeper’s Friend! Great suggestion! Appreciate your time.” — Best way to remove oil stains from the driveway?

More outdoor uses for BKF

    • Grease covered grills 
    • Grimy aluminum garage doors 
    • Soiled lawn ornaments
    • Stainless steel golf clubs

Don’t Fall Short with Your Autumn Cleaning

If you don’t want to fall short, be sure to have the BKF Household Products you need. From our original powder to our Toilet Bowl Cleaner, we have what you need for your fall cleaning tool belt. 

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