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An Old Farmhouse, a New Home and a Filthy Fireplace

April 24, 2020

Everyone has stories and frustrations when it comes to moving into their first home. Whether the home buying process was smooth sailing or a bit of a bumpy ride, an already stressful process can be worsened if the house is left a mess for those moving in. This was the case for me. My home buying process was one of many ups and downs including a deal falling through two days before our closing date. When we found the house that checked off everything on our list, we jumped on the opportunity. 

Everything went as planned until move-in day. The sellers, after spending an extra 12 hours in the house, left the property a mess. Caked on gunk on the floors, trash in every room (and spread out across the property’s seven acres), and a wood burning LOPI fireplace that looked like it hadn’t been cleaned since it was installed.

The Fireplace

Fireplace Before Cleanup

Looking at the glass doors of this fireplace insert on any normal day, you might not recognize how dirty it really is.  After wiping down the outside, however, it became obvious how much grime was actually going to come off.

Looking at the windows, it seemed to consist of intentional fogged glass. Getting in deeper (literally) We came to the realization that these windows were meant to be crystal clear.

You might be wanting to ask at this point, what brought this realization to life?

Bar Keepers Friend Powder and a little elbow grease, that’s what!

While the fireplace wasn’t the only neglected hidden treasure in this house, it definitely has it’s own WOW factor. Using Bar Keepers Friend on your hidden treasures, new or old, can turn this:



Into this:

And this:

Into this:

Every house has a WOW factor… some might just be buried a little deeper than others.

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