Bar Keepers Friend


Use Bar Keepers Friend® to clean sinks made of porcelain, stainless steel or solid surfaces. Other cleansers containing bleach are not recommended for stainless steel. BKF® is also recommended for sinks in bronze, brass and copper.

“I tried your product before the holidays and my mother-in-law actually commented how clean and shiny my stainless steel sink was! She even asked if it was new!”Rose, Hartford, WI

“Coffee stains on Corian® sinks can be removed fast and easy with a product called Bar Keeper's Friend. It's found in the cleaning aisle and is along the lines of a Comet® or Ajax® cleanser, but oh, so much better. It's my favorite household product.” Sheryl, on topic “Coffee stains on Corian sinks” (

“Care and Cleaning – Kitchen Sinks… Products to Consider … For rust removal: Bar Keepers Friend” – Kohler® Kitchen Products (

“Easily maintained – A little Bar Keepers Friend will keep your Z metal sinks looking like new.” 
Bates & Bates Z Series® sinks in bronze, stainless steel, brass and copper (


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