Bar Keepers Friend

Removing Rust

Bar Keepers Friend removes rust better than other top-selling cleansers.

“Care and Cleaning – Kitchen Sinks … Products to Consider … For rust removal: Bar Keepers Friend” – Kohler® Kitchen Products (

“This product is the only product I’ve found that will quickly remove rust and scale from my acrylic Jacuzzi® that will not damage it” – Clarence, Mogadore, OH

“I rinsed off some dusty cans of beans and set them on my Formica® countertop to dry. Later, when I moved them, I discovered they had left rust stains on the countertop. I found your product at HEB grocery store. It not only completely removed the rings, but after seeing the great results, I used it on my kitchen sink and cooktop … all with great results (and no icky bleach smell). Thanks!” – Roxanne, Austin, TX


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