Bar Keepers Friend


Use Bar Keepers Friend® to clean and remove discoloration on glass and ceramic cooktops.

“Bar Keepers Friend, sold by the Comet®, and Ajax®, is the best cleaner I’ve come across so far. It still takes some elbow grease, but I will not let our home be without it from now on.”Tiera, on topic “Cleaning my glass cooktop” (

“Works Great! We have been using it on our glass cooktop and it works great. I use it in the sinks, the tub, even dump some in the toilet if I run out of toilet cleaner. We love the stuff!” – Emily, Cincinnati, OH

“If rust does occur, Bar Keepers Friend and a blue Scotch Brite® pad will remove it.”  – Cleaning Tips for Viking® Ranges, Rangetops and Ovens (


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