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Bar Keepers Friend cleaning products can be used:

In the Kitchen

BKF is an excellent choice for cleaning your kitchen sink, cookware, cooktops, and non-stone countertops.

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In the Bathroom

Use BKF to remove hard water deposits, soap scum and rust stains.

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In the Garage

Use to BKF remove grime and rust from tools, sports equipment, and certain (tested) vehicle surfaces.

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Has your stainless steel grill lost its shine? BKF will remove the dull tarnish and restore an outdoor grill to its original luster.

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In 1882, an Indianapolis chemist noticed how clean and shiny his tarnished pot was after cooking rhubarb. Using an active ingredient that’s found in the plant he formulated a talcum-smooth cleanser and sold it to the city’s taverns. So pleased were his customers with how well it worked on bar fixtures, the product was dubbed the “Bar Keepers Friend.”

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2. Take another photo after cleaning.  Include the BKF product used in this photo.

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